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Axiom Investment Solutions LLC firmly believes that there are certain fundamental investment concepts that need to be employed to give investors the best chance at achieving their investment goals:

1. Control Costs

    A. Understand ramifications of total portfolio expenses

    B. Find efficiencies where available

    C. Fully employ the tool of compounding

2. Control Allocation

    A. Accurately monitor assets invested in specific asset classes

    B. Avoid asset drift

    C. Rebalance on a regular basis

3. Control Risk

    A. Manage potential leverage

    B. Accurately monitor credit quality of portfolio

    C. Keep bond maturities in line with need

    D. Employ High Yield (Junk) debt in moderation

4. Control Taxes (where possible)

    A. Keep tax consequences at a minimum

The above guidelines serve as a template for each portfolio Axiom Investment Solutions LLC creates. We want our clients to have a full understanding and appreciation of these guidelines as they represent fundamental truths in investing, and they are all within the control of our clients.

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